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Collingwood 2022 Indigenous FOF Wool Beanie

Collingwood 2022 Indigenous FOF Wool Beanie

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Australian Made from Australian Merino Wool

Tyson Austin and Troi Isley – 2022 SDNR Guernsey Story

The artwork tells the story of the Collingwood Football Club entering a new and exciting chapter. 

The falling feathers are symbolic of a Magpie shedding it's old feathers to be replaced by new ones. This relates to the current changes of the football club. Relatively new appointments of a new President, a new Coach and has been a dramatic change for the club, but an exciting new period for the club in growing it's new feathers and entering a new era.

The club will also continue to shed it's past but this only makes way for the next generation to thrive and flourish.

As well as the Magpies 'shedding it's feathers', on the back of the jumper there is a Coolamon providing a safe place for Magpie eggs to hatch and be nurtured. This is also symbolic of the new generation waiting to make their mark and take the club into an exciting new direction. It is also symbolic of the club's involvement and support from the Aboriginal community as it embarks on a new chapter and increased commitment to the community.