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Collingwood Bonds Mens Guyfront Trunk 3.0

Collingwood Bonds Mens Guyfront Trunk 3.0

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Our BONDS Collingwood men's trunks are designed to give the ballsiest footy fans the comfort and support they need between the posts. Every diehard footyhead will put points on the board in these GUYFRONT Trunks featuring the famous Black & White.

  • GUYFRONT men's trunks with a functional fly
  • Made from soft Aussie cotton without side seams
  • Stretchy elastic waist gives you plenty of room to move as you cheer on the pies. 
Product Code: MX4D
Material: Cotton / Elastane.
Country: Designed in Australia. Made in China.
Please note, we will not be accepting exchanges for this product