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Collingwood Nike 2021 Kids Indigenous Guernsey

Collingwood Nike 2021 Kids Indigenous Guernsey

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Artist: Dixon Patten

Magpies are very nurturing in nature and guide their young and the roles of teachers, elders or respected person(s) are important to Aboriginal communities and families. We learn, listen and adhere to the teachings of our old people. Our cultural practices teach us values that we learn through connecting to stories, song, land, people and community and it guides everything we do. 

The magpies are flying onwards and upwards, with outstretched wings; reaching new heights and possibilities. 

There are gum leaves in the background pattern which represent cultural and personal growth. They meander like a river formation; signifying pathways and life's journey. Gum leaves are significant to the Traditional Owners; the Wurundjeri of the Kulin Nation; whose land Collingwood is a part of. They are used in 'Welcome to Country' ceremonies and are extended to guests as a gesture of 'Welcome'.