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Collingwood x DG Designs Scott Pendlebury Framed

Collingwood x DG Designs Scott Pendlebury Framed

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Geometric sport and pop culture drawn to adorn the walls of homes and offices
worldwide. DG Designs is the artistic creation of Dominique Gauci — and her unique
style of art can only be described as geometrically cool meets pop culturally defined.
A trailblazer in the style and New York City alumni, Dom has since collaborated with
some of the world’s most celebrated events and recognised brands — now, Dom
brings her creative flair to the Australian Football League. Where the league's
immortals are immortalised in print to display on the walls of both male and female
footy fans alike. Breaking down barriers of fandom and uninhibited by creativity and
content — De Goey, Pendlebury — a new representation of what it
means to be a fan in 2021 and the perfect way to display which team you bleed,
sans the need for painting your face.

Below you will need to select the:

  1. Background colour of the print
  2. Colour of the frame
  3. Size of the frame

These products are made to order so will likely dispatch 10 business days after your purchase.